RepublicGG (RGG) is a gaming marketplace portal for gamers to reload their Gaming Currencies. We cater for big and famous games such as Valorant, Mobile Legends, PUBG, Genshin Impact, Ragnarok, Call of Duty, League of Legends and many more. Trough RGG, Gamers can easily reload their game currencies securely while enjoying discounts, promotions, coupons, cashbacks and reward points.

It features a unique E-Wallet Currencies that could be charge trough Direct Operator Billing (hereafter 'DOB') which is Telenor Digital´s service that allows you to pay for digital content through your phone bill. This project was developed for our partner Digi.Com Berhad (“Digi”) now known as CelcomDigi and was first released in 2018.

This project was very challenging because we had to integrate API's from multiple vendors especially Digi and game vendors such as Garena, UniPin, CodaShop, MidasBuy, Steam, Blizzard and many others. Since currencies (E-wallet) were involved, we faced many hackers and attacks from time to time. We also had to organized security penetration test at every quarters to ensure that RGG is safe and always keeping up with the latest security standards.

When I first joined the project as the Tech Lead since January 2019, I was very lucky to experience the complete ecosystem of RGG that consist of Product Owner, Project Manager, Designers, Front and Back end Developers, Social media team, Support Team, and Server Team. We work very hard to provide the best customer experiences while ensuring securities and stabilities.

In 2021, Digi finally merged with Celcom (now known as CelcomDigi), and they decided to take over the maintenance and future development of RGG as their in-house platform.