I am more of an artist than a programmer I enjoy music and art I love to create I envy the talented I hunger for satisfactions and I crave all the attentions

I am Rafiq, a web UI/UX designer developer engineer mastermind

... and secretly a wizard werewolf vampire

10 years of web development, and still going strong. minimalism industrial design and enjoy making things
simple. I specialized in UI/UX Responsive Web Design (RWD) Content Management System (CMS) .

I am an artist at heart, and to create. I make Illustrations sketches of my imaginary friends, working with concrete plaster, geometric paintings arts, gardening cactus succulents.

I am an adventurous soul. hiking camping, sipping a cup of hot tea while splashing my feet in the river, enjoy running in the rain, or maybe staring at the sky while floating freely on the water. Most of all, I the smell sound of nature.